Schoolhouse Rock: School-Inspired Design

old schoolhouseIt's here -- that feeling of back to school. Stores line their aisles with shiny lunchboxes and the smell of freshly sharpened pencils fills the hair.

Ah, to be young again. But who says that adults can't enjoy a little schoolhouse inspiration? Here is a roundup of schoolhouse-inspired products that is a mix of vintage, industrial, and fantasticly geek chic.


schoolhouse inspired decor

Tick tock, tick tock. That clock on the wall may have haunted you as you looked at it yearning for the day to be over at school, but the ticking from an old-fashioned pendulum clock in your living room will only soothe.

The lighting hanging throughout the hallways never did give off the best glow, but this schoolhouse-inspired pendant from Restoration Hardware will surely be luminous in your kitchen.

Bells were often used in pioneer days to announce the beginning and end to the school day. Though ringing isn't necessary, it does make for a lovely and unexpected accessory to have on a wall.

schoolhouse chairs

The original 1930s schoolhouse chair design, updated to fit modern day comfort.

bar stool

Ugh, I hated chemistry class, but I absolutely love this bar stool that looks like it's straight out of the lab.

chalkboard paintChalkboards no longer have to be home to difficult math equations -- now we can fill them with inspirational quotes, grocery lists, and create amazing chalkboard paint projects.

lab glasses

I mentioned I hated chemistry, right? So it's ironic that it is seemingly the one class with the most chic accessories. Turn bottles once filled with acidic liquids into pretty flower vases.

Do you have any schoolhouse-inspired decor in your home?


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