DIY Felt Wall Planter: 9-Week Follow-Up

DIY felt wall planter Martha McQuade
Remember Martha McQaude's super-cool DIY Felt Wall Planter that we featured here on The Stir? Well, check it out now, nine weeks later (bottom right).


Back in June, her creative radness, Martha McQuade of Uniform Natural, shared with us her Felt Wall Planter Tutorial. It's such a simple but wonderful idea for giving a backyard planter some depth with an artistic slant.

And my, look how the pretty plants have grown, spilled over, and filled in. Each of the different plants' color variants make this into a very lush, complex, and eye-pleasing work of plant art.

Right to left, top to bottom, you're seeing the planter at its planting date and then at three weeks, six weeks, and finally nine weeks.

So nice.

Did you or are you now considering making one of these Felt Wall Planters for your backyard?


Image via UNIFORM Natural/Flickr

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