Lindsay Lohan Moving to NYC: Spots to Keep Her Sober

lindsay lohanOh, what ever does an actress do after spending 90 days two weeks in jail? She's gotta get her life back together. Pick up the pieces and get her head focused on her career. In order to do that, she must move away from the peer pressure, bad influences, and mean, old court system.

Goodbye L.A., hello New York. Lindsay Lohan is moving cross-country.


During an interview on the Today Show, Dina Lohan revealed that her daughter was moving to New York once she was out of rehab.

"California is a wonderful state, but it's a different game you play there, the court system is a little different."

Well, lucky for us New Yorkers. Though I do know this city pretty well and can suggest a few neighborhoods LiLo should consider:

Financial District: Way at the bottom of Manhattan, FiDi is bustling during the day with bankers. However, once the stock market closes, the scene is dead. It's practically a ghost town after 6 p.m., which would probably help Lindsay stay out of trouble.

SoHo: The super-trendy neighborhood south of Houston street is known for its fantastic shopping. Lindsay, being a designer herself, would love being surrounded by fashion boutiques.

West Village: This west side neighborhood is a favorite of A-list celebrities, and the residents rarely look twice when spotting a celeb.

Williamsburg: The Brooklyn neighborhood has become the neighborhood for young adults to live in. Though a little too hipster for me, Lindsay would do well there.

Lower East Side: If she can keep her drinking and partying under control, this neighborhood is tons of fun to go out in. And if she lives near the bars, she won't be tempted to drive home.

TriBeCa: In 2006, it was ranked at the most expensive zip code in the country (it has since fallen to the #3 spot), mostly thanks to its high-profile residents such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Scarlett Johansson, Derek Jeter, and Uma Thurman.

Just please don't move to the Upper East Side, Lindsay ... that's my hood.

What do you think of LiLo moving to NYC? Think it'll do her good?


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