HGTV 'Design Star' Recap: The Glass House Challenge

HGTV design star contestant Emily, Michael, Casey
It's the Design Star final three: Casey, Michael, and Emily! This week the designers were finally able to show their stuff as they worked individually to design a sunroom that incorporated their own personal style as well as the concept for their own design show.

Spoiler Alert: We're telling all.

We're overdue for seeing some individual style, don't you think? So happy they've moved on from the team challenges. Plus, I love that the designers are using their show concept ideas as inspiration for their sunrooms.


Last year's Design Star Antonio Ballatore visited the designers and gave them this advice, "Go big!"

Michael's sunroom Design Star

Michael's big idea was a Murphy bed that he labored over the entire show. Towards the end he also had a bit of an emotional meltdown, but his self-described "whimsical masculine" room for college grads looked nicely put together, if a little lacklustre.

Emily's glass house Design Star

Emily's sunroom was designed around her outfit (a modern blue dress with vintage sleeves, brass accessories, and a leather belt). That fabric wall was just brilliant. It's something that I want to try in my own home. She continues to show so much originality and boldness in her design choices. Genevieve called her room "rich" and I'd have to agree. Now I totally want a green sofa.

Casey's sunroom Design Star

Casey stepped away from a neutral palette in favor of a bright splash of coral on the wall and a mustard yellow chair. I was a little surprised by the empty picture frames. I feel like I've seen that trick a million times. Has she seen too many episodes of Friends? Loved those billowy window treatments up at the ceiling, though.

Onward, to the hosting presentations. Casey and Emily both fell a little flat, in my opinion. Michael is such a natural, and it's this natural quality that sent him straight to the final two. Poor Emily had to deal with losing her voice and the fact that she messed up take two while Casey seemed a bit nervous on camera.

The judges praised all three, but In the end, the judges eliminated Casey.

Next week's finale should be good! Michael vs. Emily. My two favorites. You might remember early on that I predicted that Michael would be the next Design Star. We'll find out next week!

What did you think of the hosting presentations this week?


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