3191 Miles Apart Blog Inspires 3191 Quarterly, an Offline Publication


Well, this is certainly exciting news. The creators of one of my favorite blogs 3191 Miles Apart have released a new quarterly publication called 3191 Quarterly. Maria Alexandra Vettese (MAV) and Stephanie Congdon Barnes have consistently created a photo-heavy blog that gives fine inspiration for beautiful and simple living.

And now we can hold that loveliness in our hands.


Stephanie and Maria found each other online back in 2005 and became friends based on a shared love of arts, crafts, simple things, and a well-lived domestic life. In 2007, the two began a year-long photo project online together -- morning diptychs, side by side photos, one from each woman's morning. That gorgeous year turned into another: a year of evenings. Then came the book 3191: A Year of Mornings and soon, a second book 3191: Evenings, which sold out.

Why 3191? That's the distance in miles between the two friends.

3191 Quarterly will come out seasonally, four times a year and content will include recipes, projects, inspirations, stories, photographs and more.

Subscriptions ($66) and single issues ($16 + shipping) are now available.

Summer 2010 Table Of Contents:
Yogurt Fudgesicles - (recipe)
A Field Trip to Mackworth Island - (story & photographs)
Caramelized Corn & Shallot Salad With Avocado - (recipe)
Only My Favorites - (photographs)
A Field Trip to Oneonta Creek - (story & photographs)
Chocolate Zucchini Muffins With Naomi - (recipe)
Bright Lights / Light Brights - (project & photographs)
Marina's Strawberry Soup - (recipe)
Vinyl In The Park - (photographs)
Friendship Bracelets - (project & photographs)

And finally, here's a peek inside the Summer 2010 issue.

3191 Quarterly

3191 Quarterly

3191 Quarterly

3191 Quarterly

3191 Quarterly

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Images via 3191 Miles Apart

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