Sandra Bullock: Candle Maker?

sandra bullock candleSandra Bullock may be the classiest actress in the biz (did you see that Razzie acceptance speech), and ratcheting up your Bullock factor just got easier.

Did you know the Academy Award winner has also got a bit of Martha Stewart inside her just itching to get out?

And she shares the love.


Proving her utter class?

She hasn't emblazoned her name anywhere on her restaurant or its accompanying online store.

But my friend Cathy Hale, a classy chick herself (don't believe me, check out her blog Mommy Q) tipped me off to the fact that Bess Bistro in Hale's own Austin, TX is indeed owned by Sandra herself.

And they sell Sandra's soy candles with eco-friendly paper wicks right online.


In keeping with Bullock's eco-friendly reputation -- she told Oprah she recycles and eats organic and has done both since childhood -- the packaging and package inserts incorporate recycled products, and the Bessence scents are all nature derived -- black cassis, herbes avec lagniappe, wild bloomers and midnight garden.

The travel size is a reasonable $9.95, and even the big 10 oz. is $39.95 -- pretty standard for a soy candle these days.

The packaging doesn't say anything about Sandra, so you can even buy these without feeling like a complete celebrity stalker. Talk about class.

Are these on your gift list?


Image via Bess Bistro

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