7 Stylish Seashell Projects (No Jars Required!)

seashellsAfter numerous trips to the beach this summer (you lucky girl), you probably have a nice collection filled with treasures from the sea. But don't limit yourself to just filling Mason jars with seashells. Here are seven simple and stylish seashell projects (how's that for a tongue twister?):


Seashell Candles: Make sure the seashells are nice and clean by rinsing them in a weak water-bleach solution. Once they're dry, pour melted wax into them, carefully placing wicks with holders into the bottom of the shells.

Wall Decor: Add beach flair to any room by hanging any starfish friends that you might have picked up along the beach.


Twinkly Lights: Create a dreamy glow for your outdoor patio by attaching shells to a string of holiday lights. Using a strong adhesive, such as epoxy, press the base of the light into the inside of the shell.

Soap Dish: Use a half shell as a nautical soap dish to display pretty soap bars on your bathroom sink.

Beachy Frames: Whether it's a photo frame or mirror, give it an aquatic theme by hot-gluing shells to it. This project calls for quite a collection!

seashell frame

Shade Pull: Detach the original pull and use hot glue to attach the seashell to the string.

Bookends: If you or your kids found a whopper of a conch shell, fill it with plaster and place it on your bookshelf to hold up those books that keep falling down. Between your books and the beach decor, your mind will have no problem drifting off to another land.

Do you decorate with seashells? What are some projects that you've done?


Images via Philip_Mann/Flickr, Etsy.com, soulshine20_05/Flickr

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