Fake Wood Decor: This New Trend Is Anything but Tacky

faux bois pendant lampFaux bois sounds like something you eat in a fancy restaurant, but it's actually one of the biggest design trends to emerge in the past year. French for "fake wood," faux bois is exactly that: any material mimicking the look of wood, from textiles to concrete to papers.

Its emergence has been slow, starting mostly with smaller, independent designers and most recently making an appearance on a large scale with Martha Stewart and Flor collections. But now that it's hitting the mainstream, even those of us who decorate largely from Target and IKEA can get in on this exciting trend and add a few of these earthy elements to our own anti-Martha Stewart-esque homes.


And this is the key with this trend -- moderation! Mixing just a few elements into your existing the décor is the perfect way to incorporate faux bois and avoid turning your home into a house of fake-wood horrors. Fake wood done really fake can look downright tacky, so make sure you choose ones made with good quality materials and avoid the cheapos.

Here are just a few of the faux-bois items that make my list of covetables:

1. Faux Bois FLOR tiles -- The wood look is no longer limited to ... wood. These great carpet tiles are perfect for adding texture and warmth to any space, even if you have wood floors underneath. I've got my eye on them for use over an amber-stained poured concrete floor, however ...


2. Kir de Koo Faux-Bois mirror -- This mirror for some reason feels very "Snow White" to me -- perhaps it just reminds me of her time in the woods. It's perfect for adding a fairy-tale touch to any room or tying together other woodland elements you may have: the woodblock owl print and re-purposed giant stump end table.




3. Gianna Rose soap collection -- Anyone who knows me at all knows my complete love for and obsession with bath products: soap, gels, lotions, bath bombs .... These soaps just happen to play into my faux-bois passion as well, and they look gorgeous against my recycled sea glass soap holders.


4. Eden floor lamp -- Take a step into the forbidden garden with this lamp. The twining twig shapes reflect not just their wooden inspiration, but the entanglement of that famous serpent.




5. Modern Dose Faux Bois table -- So. Cute. I'm envisioning this one as part of a patio set, or even better, an occasional table for use in a large master bath. Really though, you could use this little beauty anywhere, including as a nightstand in the bedroom, which is where it would probably end up in my home.



Images (top to bottom): Amazon.com; FLOR.com; KoodeKirBoston.com; GiannaRose.com; Gumps.com; ModernDose.com

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