'Eat Pray Love' Your End of Summer Vacation

Eat Pray LoveMy devotion to Julia Roberts aside, if there's anything the release of Eat Pray Love reminds me of, it's how little summer there is left to eek out a last-minute vacay.

Elizabeth Gilbert got a year to get away from her divorce.

We have three weeks.


The good news, of course, is there are people willing to take our money and make a last-minute Eat, Pray, Love tour work for us.

They'll do it in just 21 days.

They'll let you take the kids.

They'll let you indulge in Italy and skip the soul-baring parts of Bali.

It's Eat, Pray, Love on your terms.

Which sort of defeats the point, but, hey, it's all about the experience, right?

I'm not about to take my 5-year-old trekking through Bali -- no matter how safe the tourist board tells MSNBC it is for Americans. But after a girls' night at the movies, I'm taking a page from my friend E. and officially instituting a last ditch "take your girls to the ocean" plea to my husband.

We can substitute soft serve for Italian gelato. We can throw in a power walk on the beach in place of all that yoga.

If they can Eat, Pray, Love their own way, we can do it too.

There are just three weeks of summer left, we need to do something.

Are you feeling the itch to do a little bit of travel?


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