Kimora Lee Simmons Tag Sale: Guess What Sold for $200K


yard sale signYard sales are my way of trying to get rid of crap items like that cracked vase that I've had since 2001, begging you to buy it for $2. No? Okay, how about $1? Fifty cents? How about if I paint over the crack?

But leave it to Kimora Lee Simmons to turn a yard sale into an extravagant event, complete with a $200,000 Versace bed. Oh, and make sure you bring cash. Yes, $200,000 worth of cash.

I can just picture briefcases filled with $100 bills being exchanged for designer bags, like a scene right out of a mafia movie -- except with designer bags. 

The "sale" was held at her Saddle River, New Jersey, home that she once shared with former hubby Russell Simmons. Some other pricey items that were sold included $7,500 dinner plates, $50,000 rugs, and $10,000 tables. And for those that couldn't afford those prices (gasp), there was also a room full of glasses, cups, martini glasses, and mugs, priced from around $10 to $30.

But, it is a good thing that a lot of money was raised (assuming that she sold the $200K bed) because all proceeds are being donated to the YWCA and charities to benefit children and women's shelters. Props to her!

What's the priciest item that you've bought or seen at a yard sale?


Image via PaulSwansen/Flickr

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I am not a yard saler.  I have been to very few and I am sure the most expensive thing was probably a book for a dollar or something lol.

berge... bergencounty


I love garage sales .... the pricest  item we got at a garage sale ...  a 1987 Mercedes Benz for $2,000 in Saddle River, NJ. The house was being torn down for a mega mansion. When I drove the car to the mechanic to get it checked out the next day the radiator blew on the way Thank goodness for AAA . I got it repaired.

 Well I actually attended this KIMORA SIMMONS EVENT in Saddle River NJ  ... have to say it was NOT EXTRAVAGENT . We arrived about 3 on Saturday, line went from one gate to the other ... figure we would be in and out in an hour ... NOT.

A camera crew interviewed some KIDS on line ...  when they didn't have much to say .. the camera crew listened to their answers and then told them what to say .. the camera crew was trying to pump up the event. Th camera crew left. 

They were letting in about 25 people in at a time .. took us 2 hours to get to the gate ... figured we were almost there .... NOT. The lady with the KIDS started arguing with about ten people on line when they accused her in cutting in line ... yep a mother was standing there cursing in front of her children ... she stepped to the side and spent the rest of the time texting.. The two guards seem to enjoy the show. A lady behind me with a cane was aching, I asked the guard if she could use the empty chair .. he said he would radio inside, but was told that no one could sit down .... classy. 

berge... bergencounty

The camera crew came back and went to the house, pizza arrived, drinks arrived, more food arrived, various vehicles arrived, the dogs were put out . We stood there waiting for another 2 hours inside the gate as the guards walked to the back of the line and selected people to get in before the people that had been waiting ...  . Many people on line by us left, fed up. We checked out the purchases that passed by ...  a cute painted kid's chairs and table , a gaudy  gilt-ed table, a red and gold loveseat, couple chairs ... not too many big items  went by.  Purchases were put  in white plastic garbage  

 AND then we were told that "WE HAD TEN MINUTES TO SHOP" ... what 4 hours in line and ten minutes to shop? Guess that is why none of the people leaving the sale looked exceptionally happy. We had seen so few people with anything when we stood in line.

berge... bergencounty

There was a first, second and basement to ck out. I grabbed a NICOLE MILLER picture frame from a table .. kinda cute .. rest were typical Bed Bath and Beyond frames. I asked the guy in the room, he said three bucks and told me that he would take the money, then walked away .. next guy said $10 and that nothing was $3 ... I left it. Walked thru first and second floor ... were the security guards [boys in the hood? ] were complaining that no one was shopping [I noticed people by the pool checking out the yard .... gee they could have googled that ... I was there for a garage sale! .Security  was standing  by a plastic dollar store skeleton and some used Halloween costumes .... maybe the party city Halloween clearance sale was a better deal?

berge... bergencounty

Went upstairs in the swanky bedroom .. dh saw a metal ashtray/with fish bones on it .. .security guard said  it was not for sale .. then I noticed that it was on a plastic animal  place-mat on the bedside table ... maybe it was the cat food bowl? Went back downstairs to go to the basement and was told it was time to leave .. I explained that I had waited in line for four hours ...they did not care and were downright nasty ... at the cashier were candles that were burnt down halfway ... don't people throw  candles out when they are no good All in all, thought it was very disorganized for a garage sale .. the  security detail was very nasty and had no clue what was for sale .. they acted as if they were at a swanky affair, the cashiers looked extremely embarrassed guess they were the professionals that were supposed to be running the sale.. 

berge... bergencounty

I went out  and explained that the lady helping  me had not come back .... as I went around the corner realized they were taping the show and was followed and told to leave.

We gave a KIMORA fan from NYC a ride to the train station .. she scored some some bottles of something and a picture frame .. I told her my picture frame story ... she said she let the guy write out a bill, then pocketed the bill and made up her own price at the cashiers .. she got it all for $5 ... lol.


clean... cleanaturalady

Very interesting.  I am not a garage sale fan.

tonya... tonyalynn

lol at the yard sale story

Sultr... SultryLadyBug

I dont shop the ones around my old home because people were getting rid of junk not treasures.

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