Kimora Lee Simmons Tag Sale: Guess What Sold for $200K

yard sale signYard sales are my way of trying to get rid of crap items like that cracked vase that I've had since 2001, begging you to buy it for $2. No? Okay, how about $1? Fifty cents? How about if I paint over the crack?

But leave it to Kimora Lee Simmons to turn a yard sale into an extravagant event, complete with a $200,000 Versace bed. Oh, and make sure you bring cash. Yes, $200,000 worth of cash.


I can just picture briefcases filled with $100 bills being exchanged for designer bags, like a scene right out of a mafia movie -- except with designer bags. 

The "sale" was held at her Saddle River, New Jersey, home that she once shared with former hubby Russell Simmons. Some other pricey items that were sold included $7,500 dinner plates, $50,000 rugs, and $10,000 tables. And for those that couldn't afford those prices (gasp), there was also a room full of glasses, cups, martini glasses, and mugs, priced from around $10 to $30.

But, it is a good thing that a lot of money was raised (assuming that she sold the $200K bed) because all proceeds are being donated to the YWCA and charities to benefit children and women's shelters. Props to her!

What's the priciest item that you've bought or seen at a yard sale?


Image via PaulSwansen/Flickr

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