Molly the Owl: Round Two for the Owl Baby Webcam

molly owl
Molly, her new owlets, and the remaining eggs
My name is Sheri, and I'm an owl-coholic.

Remember, Molly the Owl? Back in March, I was totally addicted to the "Molly & McGee webcam," otherwise known as The Owl Box, for weeks when their first brood of owlets were making their debuts.

Well, now Molly has laid a whole brand new clutch of eggs in the Owl Box. So it's officially owl watch, season two! And just like the second seasons of many of the other reality shows, it didn't take long to suck me right back in.


Earlier this year, we got to watch Molly and McGee's former group of owlets -- Max, Pattison, Austin, and Wesley -- from hatch to first flight thanks to owl box owner Carlos Royal, the retired real estate agent who set up the owl box on a 15-foot pole, hooked up an owl cam that streamed to the Internet, and created an online phenomena.

The current hatches are already well underway. New owlet Ashley came on August 7th, and Carrie arrived on August 8th. Dad McGee continues to bring the nightly snacks. There are still two more eggs to go, and millions are again tuning in to watch. The NBC Nightly News even covered Molly's story.

Plus, you can now pre-order the illustrated story book Molly the Owl: The True Story of a Common Barn Owl That Ends Up Being Not So Common After All and the coffee table photo book Molly & McGee: The World's Most Famous Barn Owls.

It's reality TV at its finest, I tell you. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Are you going to tune in for the final hatchings?


Image via The Owl Box

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