4 Places to Find Cheap (And Awesome) Art for Your Walls

jelly bellyIf your walls are a mishmash of your kids' elementary school portraits and a shelf with a cheap knickknack or two, you don't have to admit it.

We just did.

I used to find art buying totally perplexing. I didn't want to walk into one of those mega stores in the mall and buy the exact same Thomas Kinkade print that everyone else has in their bathroom. 

And thanks to the web, you don't have to either. Here are some sites for cheap -- and incredibly awesome -- art.


20 x 200. An ever-changing array of artists put their work up in batches of 200 prints ... each just $20 apiece. The pieces range from photography to pen and ink, abstract to textual. It's unique, it's cheap, and if you don't find something you like this week, check back in a few days. You will eventually. 

Etsy. Hard to believe there's anyone out there who hasn't heard of this online craft bazaar yet, but it bears repeating. Great, unique stuff to be found, often from burgeoning artists who offer their goods on the cheap. There is a LOT of stuff here, so expect it to take awhile -- and a lot of your money as you browse -- but you won't walk away with bare walls.

Supermarket. Think of Etsy with a curator, and you've got a space for handmade goods that will blow you away without blowing away your budget. Heavily focused on design, it's unlikely you'll find something that would end up on "Regretsy" on here ... although you do give up the humor quotient that way. Search function is lacking here, so be prepared to do some major browsing.

Dawanda. Fulfill your lusting for continental living with the European equivalent to homegrown homemade sites. Artisans from Germany, France, and the UK sell on this site. Beware you'll pay extra for shipping.

Where do you find awesome art?


Image via 20x200

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