Kids Art: 6 Smart Ideas for Displaying, Saving, and Getting Rid of It With Love

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Kids artwork. It comes back from school by the pound, doesn't it? And then what do you do with it all?

While I choose to use most of my boys' creative doodles to teach a lovely lesson in recycling, I do like to keep, showcase, and gift some of their best works of art. So I'm always searching for great ideas for kids artwork whether it be storing, displaying, organizing, or reusing it. But more than anything, I'm always on the hunt for suggestions for getting rid of the paint-coated stacks without the tears.

Check out my six favorite ideas for what do with kids art.


1. Display it

That's right. Put finger paintings or doodles or sketches in frames and hang them. Your child will be so proud.

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Both Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst (shown at top) and Tracy Bartley of jumilla stories strung a cable, something like the DEKA Curtain wire with clips ($5.99) from IKEA, to hang their kids' artwork. Simple simple and easy for regularly changing out the art that comes in. One goes up, another comes down, right?

kids artwork hanging

2. Preserve it

Interior decorator Jan Eleni Lemonedes creates one-of-a-kind collage posters from kids artworks. The coolest! Stephanie at Stephmodo even made a DIY version of a kids art collage that's wonderful. And what a great way to pay homage to your child's hard work and never-ending creativity.

kids artwork framed

3. Save it digitally

Another preservation idea that allows you to let go of paper but save the creativity -- cyndi323 made this great suggestion: "Take pictures of the artwork and then download them to your computer. You can have them as screensavers."

4. Make gifts

Once you have digital versions of your kids artwork, you can even make kids art mugs ($14.95) -- or calendars or tote bags! -- for Grandma and Grandpa and all the aunties and uncles.

kids art mug

5. Decorate

How cool is this Frames Wallpaper ($40; single roll 20.5 in wide x 32.8 ft)? It would be perfect for displaying a fun rotating lineup of kids art.

frame wallpaper

6. Turn art into a stuffed animal

Lizette Greco + Grecolaborativo create plush art based on the children's drawings, using only thrifted and recycled materials. They make and sell creatures inspired from their own kids' drawings and also take commissions with your children's drawings. Awesome, huh?

stuffed animal drawing kids

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What tips do you have for what to do with kids artwork?


Images via Abbey Hendrickson, Cookie Magazine (from DwellStudio), Tracy Bartley, Jan Eleni Lemonedes (via decor8), Personal Creations,, and Lizette Greco

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