HGTV 'Design Star' Recap: Faux Finish Faux Pas

Design Star Emily, Casey, Michael, Courtland

This week on Design Star the final four contestants take on the challenge of designing dining rooms using only the furniture and accessories that are already in the space. Their individual inspiration this week? The flavors of the brunch meals from the restaurant Centrigo.

Spoiler Alert: We're telling all.

Let's get right to the individual design elements in this week's challenge. Each designer had to use the flavors from one brunch dish at Centrigo as their individual inspiration. Those judges sure love their food challenges, don't they? Talk about abstract.

The twist in this episode is that the designers could not go shopping! Instead, they had to re-purpose old, unfashionable furniture and knickknacks to create their design masterpiece.


Let's take a look at the rooms. First, let's see Casey and Courtland's dining room.

Design Star Casey and Courtland dining room

Casey chose the tamale, mentioning the contrast of colors on her plate. Her individual elements were nice but a bit boring. C'mon, girl. You chose a tamale. Give us some spice. Her rustic rug ottoman was creative but seemed like it belonged on a Montana ranch.

Courtland chose the empanadas and opted for a faux finish again. Courtland, are you the new Nina? I think it's safe to say that if I'm tired of the faux finish, then the judges must be over it. Plus, what in the world were you thinking with that color? Casey was right on when she said it looked like the wall belonged in a Mexican restaurant.

Now for Emily and Michael's dining room.

Emily and Michael's dining room Design Star

Emily's inspiration for this week? Huevos rancheros. She took quite the risk painting the ceiling a bright, almost kelly, green. Her creative projects were inspired in the best of ways. The dining room went from tchotchke hell to understated and artsy. Bravo. I loved her white chandelier with the spray painted plastic flowers. Finally! We get to see some of Emily's quirky style shining through.

Michael's inspiration was the fruit salad. I must say he deserves some props for not going with the obvious bright, tropical colors. And, I was worried when I saw him breaking up angels for a mosaic mirror in perhaps the funniest moment of the entire episode. Yet, he took kitsch and made it fabulous. I agree with Vern, though. Excellent re-purposing but what about that fruit salad inspiration?

In my eyes, Emily and Michael won this contest hands down. Super-creative and totally unexpected. Casey and Courtland's room was just too disjointed. Orange faux finish wall with elegant wing back chairs? Not so much.

In the end, the judges sent Courtland home. Another faux finish, another designing faux pas, another contestant sent packing.

What did you think of the color Courtland chose for his feature wall?


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