A Simple & Clean Apothecary-Inspired Bathroom

bathroomInspired by an apothecary-styled bathroom I saw in an ’06 issue of Domino, I set out to define my own space with the pharmaceutical trinkets of old-school drugstores. Due to not owning my own space, I couldn’t do everything that my little heart desired (off-white subway tiling anyone?), but I was able to add a little here and there.


The white walls, white linens, and silver bathroom accessories (toothbrush holder, trash can, etc.) create a nice, simple, and clean design -- my favorite option for a bathroom.

I bought this medicine cabinet off eBay for about $10. It was an icky green color originally, but a little bit of white spray paint cleaned it up quite nicely. I ran a piece of sandpaper over it to give it a vintage look. To add some medicinal playfulness, I painted a red cross symbol on one side.

apothecary bottlesI actually found a lot of my apothecary bottles buried in the woods at my grandmother’s house back in Tennessee, but you can also spot them on eBay, Etsy, or at local flea markets.

I bought the large white apothecary bottle (seen right) at a Domino Bazaar about three years ago, but I noticed that Pottery Barn sells the exact same thing along with other similar products. Not sure who ripped off whom with that, but hey, at least we get to benefit from it.

Currently, the majority of the bottles act merely as eye candy, but when I had a bigger shower that consisted of shelving, they held my shampoo and conditioner (Scout the Cat likes knocking them over when they just sit on the shower floor). I did turn one into a perfume bottle, and, as you can see, the little one holds my cotton swabs.

The only downside is my lack of space. If I had the room, I would definitely buy an antique apothecary cabinet to hold all of my beauty products -- just think of the organizing capabilities with all of those drawers! -- and a stainless steel vanity set paired with a old rusted metal stool. Swoon!

apothecary cabinet

Do you like the idea of an apothecary-inspired bathroom? Do you have a theme in your bathroom?


Images via Brittny Drye, HomeInteriorDesignThemes.com

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