Martha Stewart & Her Dogs Kick Off Cute Pet Products


Petsmart Martha Stewart dogs

Oh, Martha Stewart ... She can even make a bunch of dog necessities look super-cute. Yep, the queen of domestics has just launched a new pet product line.

Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has teamed up with PetSmart to launch Martha Stewart Pets, a new collection of pet essentials. The new line is available exclusively in PetSmart stores and and offers more than 100 products for healthy and happy pets.

dog martha stewart PETS
Martha on the set of The View, where she promoted Martha Stewart Pets
with her dogs Genghis Khan, Francesca, and Sharkey
Martha's new pet line features grooming and bathing supplies ($7.99-$22.99), collars, harnesses, and leashes ($11.99-$27.99), bedding ($24.99-$44.99), feeding accessories ($3.99-$24.99), toys ($4.99-$14.99), clothes ($16.99), carriers ($59.99), and cleanup supplies ($8.99-$19.99).

Most of the line comes in a pretty "Martha Stewart blue." Cat lovers beware; this line is very heavily geared to dogs.

Will you check out Martha's new pet products?


Images via PetSmart and Martha's Twitter



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sstepph sstepph

They look super cute, although we dont have a dog yet... so a cat line would be super awesome!!!

tazdvl tazdvl


Carey... Carey2006

Maybe but I doubt there would be anything there that my Boxer would care for...LOL

tonya... tonyalynn

probably not

Sultr... SultryLadyBug

Sure if they are affordable.

nonmember avatar Sherwin Chen

Oh what lucky doggies! Great bedding, great hair care and mostly like they obtain natural suppliments to their healthy diet.

nonmember avatar Darcy Webb

Ha ha, I always love the cute stuff that she is doing. What a great trend setter!

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