Cool Coasters: 6 Summer Ready Party Accents

beer bottle coasterMoving the guests outdoors is the advantage of a summer party.

Your house remains cleaner, the atmosphere is decidedly more festive, and you can save money with all that natural decor.

But if you want to inject a little color and class back into the party without a big cost outlay, you can't go wrong with cool coasters.

So they can dump their beer out in the bushes; they don't need to leave rings on your deck.


moroccan tile coasters1. Moroccan Tile Coasters. Made from a laser-cut rubber so they stand up to the test of time, the texture on these coasters adds a hint of whimsy. $7.50 at Global Home.

linen coasters2. Hydrangea Coasters. Hand-printed linen coasters fit right in in your garden. $20 (set of 4) at Inklore.

sea grass coasters3. Sea Grass Coasters. You might not be able to afford a trip to the beach this summer, so it comes to you with the gentle blues and greens of these fun coasters. $16 (for 4) at Anthropologie.

moma stacking coasters4. MOMA Stacking Coasters. Bright colors match any theme and keep the mood lively. $20 (for 6) at Velocity.

beer bottle coasters5. Beer Bottle Coasters. Old beer bottles melted down and fused in the kiln offer a quirky twist on your drinking habits that's green to boot. $22 (for 4) at Minty Fresh Fusions.

chalk coasters6. Chalk Coasters. Reclaimed slate chalkboards ensure no one grabs the wrong drink again. $35 (for 4) at UncommonGoods.


Images via Minty Fresh Fusions; Global Home; Inklore; Anthropologie; Velocity; Minty Fresh Fusions; UncommonGoods

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