Awkward Family Photos -- Now With Pets!

maternity photo dog

I think Dad-to-be is hiding a dog treat under his palm.

I'm sure you've seen the hilarious site Awkward Family Photos by now. I always fall into a fit of laughter when I visit the site. People set beside their family members somehow become so weird and yes ... awkward. Extremely awkward.

Add weird, awkward people into a photo with their much-adored pets and you get something even funnier though -- Awkward Family Pet Photos!

Some of my favorites after the jump.


My best friend, bless her, always includes her dog in the family Christmas card. A neighbor of mine sends out Christmas cards with just a photo of the dog, never him or his family. Of course, I know these kinds of pet photos pretty much fall within the norm.

But then there are the people who take family photos with pets a little too far. Seriously, are these people trying to make me burst a spleen with laughter?

family photo dog

I can't stop laughing at that smiling dog face.

family photo bunny rabbit

I know honey, let's put the bunny rabbit in the birdbath!

snake family photo


flying squirrels couple

Flying squirrels, really?

cat easter bunny

That cat's face says it all.

Go on over and check out No matter how much you love your pet, you'll be laughing at these wackadoos when you're done.

Do you include your pets in your family photos?


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