Hallway Design Doesn't Have to Be Boring -- Add in Bookshelves!

bookshelf in hallwayHallways are probably one of the most ignored areas of the household as far as decorating goes, but it's such a great untapped space that you should definitely consider making the most of the small area.

One idea is using it as a place to store books. Think of it as your own mini library.


Though this wouldn't work in narrow hallways (sadly, mine falls into that category so I will have to live vicariously through you), if your hallway can handle a bookshelf, a wall lined with hardbacks can have a very cozy effect. 

The bookshelf itself can be more than just a storage space for your beloved tales -- it can be a visual treat. On my bookshelf at home, I arranged the books differently, adding in little trinkets here and there. This person has a fun rainbow effect going on:


Built-in obviously saves room, but there are tons of non-bulky bookshelf options, like the Billy from IKEA and this one from Target.

I also like the idea of having several smaller shelves hung high on the wall or lining the entire hallway, or something unexpected such as an antique wrought iron shelving unit -- your Victorian characters from the books will feel right at home.

Is your hallway decorated? If so, how is it decorated?


Image via firepile/Flickr, jdeergingdavis/Flickr

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