6 Duct Tapes That Make for Funky Home Design

duct tape fixes everythingExcuse our S**t My Dad Says moment, but most of us learned from dear old Dad the secret to fixing any problem in the world.

Duct tape.

And as the world of sturdy chunky sticks-to-everything tapes expands with dozens of designer brands, we have a whole new outlet for home decor.

Imagine wall stripes with these. A removable border in your teen's room. Backing your shelves. Creating a colorful bulletin board. Marking your storage containers.

Try these favorites:


Polka dot duct tape1. Polka Dots. The Platypus line of polka dots ($8.50) is perfect for a band around the center of a little girl's room, or use it to create "frames" for her artwork.

zebra duct tape2. Zebras. Love the zebra motif but don't want to overdo things? Add some accents with zebra stripes from Duck Tape to your mod black and white living room.

yellow duck tape3. Bright Colors. Not confident with your ability to add stripes of solid color in straight lines? It's (almost) impossible to screw it up with these.

wood duct tape4. Wood. Add wood accents without the expense -- these are just $8 a roll.

camp duct tape5. Camo. You can't make the mess in your little boy's room disappear, but you can hide it with a $7.99 roll of camo duct tape.

burberry duct tape6. Burberry. Technically it's a knock-off named "Bourbon Berry," but that means this stuff is easy on the wallet at $7.98 a roll.


Images via Facebook; Amazon; Duck Tape; Duck Tape; Urban Outfitters; Cabela's; Amazon

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