Extreme Decluttering Challenge: Get Rid of a Thing a Day

cluttered kitchen messy disorganizedAre you a pack rat? Do you have to tiptoe all around your home's cluttered spaces? Are things not put away because there's simply no open storage spaces in which to put things away? Are you a little afraid the team from Hoarders might show up on your doorstep? You might need an extreme decluttering challenge.

Over in the Unclutterer Forum, there is a decluttering challenge that takes organizing above and beyond "everything in its place." Instead of simply cleaning up, the A Thing a Day Challenge asks you to get rid of all that stuff -- in fact one piece of stuff every ... single ... day...

Are you ready for this extreme decluttering challenge?


In my neighborhood, we get postcards in our mailboxes about once a month announcing a curbside donation pickup for a local charity. I always keep a donation bag in my closet for outgrown clothes, forgotten toys, duplicate kitchen gadgets, and other miscellaneous household items I realize we don't need or use. So when the postcard shows up, I then mark my calendar so I remember to put this bag (or sometimes bags) out on the curb on pickup day.

Here's the funny thing. There is never, not ever, nothing in our donation bag. I always always always have something re-usable to donate. And that's not even counting all the things that are stained, unraveled, or broken and end up in the trash.

The challenge over in the Unclutterer forum asks that you challenge yourself to get rid of:

"one object a day, for … a month? A year? It’s up to you how long you want your challenge to last.

Whether you give away, trash or donate the object is immaterial, but it must be gone from your life and space. Putting it into storage doesn’t count; though you are allowed to, say, collect the things in a box to donate them at the end of the month.

Oh, and you’re also allowed to cheat and fill your quota ahead of time, like throwing out 7 things on Monday, making that a week’s worth of ATAD.

By telling us on here what you got rid of today will not only help with the accountability issues, you’ll also help others rethink their possessions (He got rid of his xyz? Come to think of it, do I really need mine?)

If you're really interested in some extreme decluttering (and being held accountability on said challenge), check out the A Thing a Day Challenge in the Unclutterer Forum to get started.

Do you think you're up for the A Thing a Day Challenge? Can you do it? For how long?


Image via Hassan & Mariko/Flickr

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