Buy Your Childhood Home? This Celebrity Just Did ...

Susan Boyle
Susan Boyle
Singer Susan Boyle, 49, who became a YouTube sensation after her audition on Britain's Got Talent, recently bought the West Lothian, Scotland, home she grew up in for $56,000 (£35,600). That's a bargain in any real estate market.

A source told the UK's Daily Record: "The house she grew up in is her last strong link to her beloved parents since they passed away. She can't wait to move into the new house. But anytime she gets homesick, she just needs to walk around the corner."

Sounds like the home is filled with tons of pleasant memories, which is a good thing since that's all it will be filled with for a while. Because of financial troubles, Boyle's management team has given her a house allowance of just $475 per week, according to her brother, Gerry, which she says isn't enough to buy furniture. Hmm, I guess she's never heard of IKEA?


Even though she's made £10 million in royalties from sales of her debut album, I Dreamed a Dream, Boyle isn't even allowed to use a credit card. It really is like she's living with mommy and daddy all over again. But all hope of a future shopping trip is not lost. According to Daily Record, the rumor mill has been swirling with news that Lady Gaga wants to do a duet with Boyle -- proving she isn't a one-hit wonder.

Regardless of Boyle's financial situation, I think it's great she wants to live in the home that provided her with so many fond memories of her parents and childhood. I would do the same if I could afford it -- buy the house I lived in for 20 years in a suburb outside of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately I can't afford it, and probably never will, as my rendition of "I Dreamed a Dream" tends to scare off little children and most small animals.

But I still wonder what the little girl currently living in my room has done to it, and if she drops things off the second-story banister to see what would happen, or grabs onto her dad's ankles so he can drag her around the kitchen on her tummy, or if her brother tossed so many lacrosse balls into the gutter that it caused a leak and the entire roof had to get replaced.

Childhood homes are special places, especially if you've lived in one house for most of your life. Parting with mine was an emotional experience. I'll always see it as our house, though I hope there's enough Steelers paraphernalia inside so that our home can have small remembrances of the family that once grew up inside it.

If you had enough money, would you buy your childhood home?


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