6 Projects for Paint Chips, No Painting Required

paint chipsWhen I was deciding what color to paint my living room, I hoarded all kinds of paint chips from the hardware store. I ended up going with a deep purple, Embassy Purple from Ralph Lauren Home, to be exact. But here it is, over a year later, and I still have those paint chips. (Yes, I'm a slight pack rat.)

Luckily for those of us who have a tendency to hoard accumulate paint chips but have no real use for them, we can turn them into a creative design project.


Jazz up furniture: This is an especially fun project to do with the kids. If you have an old piece of furniture that you're planning to throw out, turn it into a visual treat instead. Spray paint it a neutral color such as white or black, and then glue on the paint chips in your design of choice. Designs can range from a monochromatic color scheme to having your own makeshift checkers table! Once the glue is dry, cover the paint chip area with a few coats of water-based polyurethane.

Paint chip embroidery: Blogger Lisa Solomon embroiders beautiful designs in paint chips to create lovely little art pieces.

paint chips

Create a paint chip wall: This project might be intimidating for some, but if you have a lot of paint chips and even more patience, then you may be up for trying. After placing them in the design he desired, Scott Prendergast of A State of Emergency mod podged the strips to his bedroom wall. Such a fun, "techy" look!

paint chip wall

Paint chip garland: Talented crafter Amy Quarry used her paint chips to make a pretty garland. Just collect lots of big paint chips in your preferred colors, and place two chips together, back-to-back. Cut them in the shape that you want (she went with a rounded diamond). Sew down the center of each pair of chips, attaching them in a garland. Leave a stitch or two in between each pair to allow them to spin once the garland is hung. What a cute idea for a birthday party!

paint chip garland

Place cards: I once went to a dinner party of a dear friend of mine who was an interior designer. Needless to say, she has her fair share of stocked paint chips, so instead of traditional place cards, she cut off two colors from a paint strip, bended, then wrote people's names on them. So simple yet it made quite the statement.

Bookmark: I can say that at least one strip of paint chips in my collection has not gone to waste because I use it as a bookmark. It's better than dog-earring the pages down, right?

Do you have a tendency to keep old paint chips? Have you ever used them for a project?

Images via hahatango/Flickr, Lisa Solomon, Scott Prendergast, RecycledCrafts.com

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