5 Ways to Use the Sarah Palin and Joe McGinniss Battle in Your Yard

chain link fenceSarah Palin has had to change her family's habits drastically this summer with author Joe McGinniss living next door.

She told Fox News the family's taken to avoiding certain parts of the yard entirely, and they're spending more time on the road out of his watchful eyes.

Trying not to let someone piss in her cornflakes is something you can't blame the would-be presidential candidate for, and as I said when McGinniss first moved in, it's no different from any other American who hates their neighbors.

So how can the Palins avoid McGinniss? The same ways you can avoid your idiots neighbors.


1. Put Up a Fence. The first thing the Palins did -- they added a ginormous 14-footer around the property. Not feasible in most places -- our town zoning won't allow us to go over 8 feet for example -- and not exactly cost-effective. But talk to your fence guy about how to make a privacy fence work in the high-traffic areas, and making do with a less expensive chain link in others. 

sunsail2. Put Up Sunsails. Made for shading different areas of the house, these large pieces of canvas are classier than tarps and can be mounted between trees or backyard structures to create a temporary wall.

pergola3. Put Up a Pergola. These can run anywhere from $800 on up, but you can overlay them with a fabric of your own choosing to create a screened-in oasis in the middle of your open backyard that's cheaper than a fence.

gazebo4. Put Up a Gazebo. Substantially cheaper than a pergola (the one above is $230 at Target), these structures are often temporary and don't fall under the building permit rules (although it's always good to check local zoning). These often come with see-through shades, but you can invest in something nicer for more privacy.

red oak tree5. Plant Fast-Growing Trees. The Arbor Day Foundation gives you 10 trees for a $10 membership, and there are a host of other ways to get cheap plants.


Images via *clairity*/Flickr; Overstock; Home Depot; Target; Arbor Day Foundation

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