HGTV 'Design Star' Recap: Some Screwy Kitchen Style

Design Star Alex, Michael, Casey

This week on Design Star, the designers styled kitchens for a Sears Catalog photo shoot. Will prop stylist Emily have a leg up on the competition?

Spoiler Alert: We're telling all. Check it out.


New teams again this week. Emily moved from the Blue to the Red Team to join Courtland. And John Gidding, a Harvard-trained architect and host of Curb Appeal: The Block, took Candice's seat as a guest judge.

Each team selected a kitchen basket this week as the inspiration for their theme. Blue Team went with the classic French basket and Red Team decided on the Italian basket. In addition, each designer had to choose an element from the baskets to use as individual inspiration. Here's what they selected:

Emily: garlic

Courtland: Parmesan cheese

Casey: bread

Michael: escargot

Alex: corkscrew

Hmm. One of these things is not like the other. Corkscrew? It definitely seems out of place, and I'm curious to see what Alex was thinking.

Casey and Michael bond in this episode by constantly vetoing every suggestion that Alex makes from floors to photograph angles. After five challenges of dealing with Michael, I think Alex is wishing he would have joined the Red Team instead of Emily.

The Red Team opts for a Venetian finish. Does Courtland love those Venetians or what? In the end, Emily panics a bit about the drab kitchen colors and orders a ton of fruit, vegetables, and other dry goods to stock their kitchen. She's going for color but what about clutter?

For the first time since the competition started, the judges gave kudos to both teams for their excellent designs. A challenge where Vern was left smiling instead of scowling? Good work, designers!

Casey took top honors for incorporating the rustic look of the French bread into the kitchen's atmosphere, but I thought Michael could just as easily been the winner.

During eliminations Vern chastised both teams (and Emily especially) for the cluttered look of the counters. I have to say that I agree with Genevieve about the Blue Team's kitchen's haphazard appearance. Cupcakes out on the counter with mussels? Whose kitchen is this anyway? Fail.

Alex tried to defend his corkscrew inspiration, but I agree with the judges. Appliances and functionality are just a normal part of the kitchen. Alex went with the obvious and didn't really show any creativity in this challenge.

Bottom two? Alex and Emily. I could see that coming from a mile away. Alex and Emily are both adorable on camera, but it was Alex's corkscrew choice that came back to haunt him. Do you remember what Michael said? "Alex's corkscrew is a screwy choice, and I think it's going to screw him in the end." Can't say it better than that.

And then there were four.

What did you think of Alex's corkscrew inspiration?


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