3 Ways to Score Free (or Dirt Cheap) Cable TV

TVThese days, I'm all about creative ways to cut costs. I'm willing to give up fancy vacations and new shoes, but when it comes to my love for television, I'm reluctant to cut the cord cable.

Thanks to technology being what it is these days, I can cut my cable bill down to almost nothing without sacrificing my addiction to Bravo's Lifetime's Project Runway, and MTV's Jersey Shore and The Hills (RIP).

Here are three ways to score free or almost free cable TV.


Yahoo! Finance recently shared some ways to cut your cable bill, and while most of them are probably already known to you, when you combine them all together, that's where you hit the mother lode.

Here's how to cut your cable bill and still get to see your favorite television shows:

1. Go straight to the source

Did you miss what Snooki and the gang were up to Thursday night? Never fear -- head to MTV and catch full episodes of Jersey Shore. And since you were out Thursday night, you probably also missed Project Runway. Luckily, Lifetime puts episodes online, too. While not every channel puts full episodes of their popular shows online, more and more are, which is good for you and your cable bill!

2. Try Hulu or SideReel

When you can't find the show you're looking for at the source, try Hulu or SideReel, both of which post new episodes of popular cable and network television shows shortly after they air.

3. Netflix

For those who are patient, Netflix is an inexpensive way to catch up on television shows (old and new). For a minimal monthly cost, you can watch lots of shows online, and what you can't watch online, you can either stream instantly to your television via Xbox and other game consoles, as well as Blu-ray players, or get the goods delivered to your door all wrapped up in a red envelope.

How do you cut your cable bill?


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