Ode to IKEA, The Swedish Superstore

ikea storeDear IKEA,

Just like a man that I pine for, our affairs are too few and far between, which inevitably causes me to yearn for you that much more. Your low prices are a godsend for design-obsessed young adults like myself, who long to decorate their tiny apartments in chic design but do not have the financial means to shop at the likes of Restoration Hardware.


Walking into the massive open store space, the sweet smell of new furniture hits me like a brick, and just like the voice spoke to Kevin Costner in the movie Field of Dreams, "If you build, they will come," the assemble-yourself shelving calls out to me. 

Oh IKEA, we are long overdue for a visit.

I want to thank you for teaching me independence and persistence -- dammit, I will get this bookshelf built, without the help of a man, if it's the last thing I do! -- and encouraging my creativity, like when I practically created an entire kitchen in my college dorm room.

Yes, I'm renting a car this weekend and visiting your Brooklyn site.

Forever yours,


IKEA ... such a great store. Inexpensive, fairly easy to assemble furniture, modern design -- what's not to love? Over at Shelterpop, they're declaring their love for IKEA as well, so be sure to check their dedication out.

Are you a fan of the Swedish design superstore? Is there one near you?


Image via Tanenhaus/Flickr

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