The 5 Toughest Laundry Stains Solved

a woman getting a stain out of laundry
You don't have to be a fashionista to be a laundry maven.

Proctor & Gamble once estimated Americans do 35 billion loads of laundry a year -- about 100 million tons annually.

Considering that was 14 years ago (the report is from 1996), chances are the numbers are up even higher these days.

So what has changed in this economy? We need to get the most out of our clothes to keep our costs down -- and that means stained clothes need to turn out bright and shiny. There's no need to throw them in the waste bin anymore:


1. Grease. You can go all-natural with talcum powder or embrace the MacGyver in you with WD-40. Any of these four options should do the trick to save your favorite tee.

2. Blood. Take a page out of the nurse's handbook and grab the peroxide.

3. Grass. Soak your stain in water, then hit it with a sponge soaked in alcohol. Don't rub hard or you'll set the stain! Follow it up by pouring a bit of your favorite liquid detergent on the spot and gently rubbing the fabric together.

4. Red Wine. Forget club soda! Hit the medicine cabinet for the shaving cream to save your dress.

5. Deodorant Stains. Attack them as soon as the shirt is removed with some vinegar and water, then launder as usual. 


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