Weekend DIY: Pretty Framed Display Shelf

shelf frame DIY

How lovely is this pretty framed shelf for the bathroom? Or any room, really? Even better, you can make one yourself with an old crate, a thrifted picture frame, and a few other easy-to-find materials.


We've shown you lots of fun ways to use old crates and wooden boxes in the past:

So many simple and useful DIY ideas!

This Bathroom Display Shelf from Country Living is also really simple but will add a lovely homemade touch to your bathroom (or heck, anyplace you want to display a sweet little vignette).

Here are the "how-to" instructions from Country Living:

"Add shelving to your powder room to hold pretty toiletries. Remove the back of an old wine crate or wooden box. Make shelves to fit inside the box, then add a bit of glamour by fastening a gilded frame onto the front of the unit. For an antique finish, spray-paint with Krylon Crystal Color."

Doing any DIY this weekend?


Image via Country Living

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