Christie Brinkley Puts Hamptons Home on the Market

Christie BrinkleyApparently not only is Christie Brinkley a supermodel, designer, philanthropist, and photographer, she's also quite the real estate mogul. She has several properties dotting along the Hamptons waterfront, and her most recent venture is selling an 1873 Sag Harbor five-bedroom mansion for $15.75 million -- more than double what she paid for it six years ago.


"I love fixing up old houses," Brinkley told the Wall Street Journal. "But my life is so busy with my children, launching several new businesses, and my philanthropy, I just don't have time."

Understandable. But unfortunately for her, no one is buying right now. She's already tried to sell two other homes that she owns, with no success. It's a little optimistic to be trying to get double for what you paid for a home during these economic times -- even if you did put a lot of work into it.

Think she'll be able to sell this home or do you think it will stay on the market for a long time?


Image via david shankbone/Flickr

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