Women Are Poor Because They're Too Nice

kindnessIf you're feeling an extra pinch in the wallet these days ladies, chalk it up to being a nice person.

At least according to a survey by Merrill Lynch.

The financial giant's 4th Affluent Insights Quarterly was released this week, and it claims women are falling behind financially because we're too busy caring for other people to pay attention to our own needs.


Says the survey,

"Affluent women continue to place themselves last when financially planning for their future. Compared to affluent men, women overall have shifted their financial priorities to care for an ill relative (44% of women vs. 37% of men) or aging parents (24% of women versus 18% of men)."

Another shout out to the sisterhood?

We care more than our male peers about the state of our community.

"Affluent women have a heightened concern about financial challenges in their local communities as compared to affluent men, including the high cost of living (46% of women vs. 37% of men), loss in value of real estate (35% of women vs. 27% of men) and high unemployment (27% of women vs. 19% of men)."

Of course none of this jives with the catty driven women stereotype (can we get a "raaaar" for Elaine?), making it that much more delicious to report. 

Unfortunately, it looks like that's about the most delicious thing we'll get -- we can't afford the gourmet chocolate cake for us.


Image via ganesha.isis/Flickr

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