6 Pretty Summer Drink Dispensers: No More Bottled Waters

drink dispensers

Hosting a summer party and planning to dine al fresco? Ditch the cooler of bottled water and use a pretty drink dispenser instead.


pottery barn drink dispensers

These two glass drink dispensers ($59 to $79) from Pottery Barn were inspired by vintage cocktail shakers. With tight-fitting metal lids, these drink dispensers can be moved around in your outdoor setting without worrying about spills. Love how you can see the lemon and lime slices! Pretty. Small dispenser holds 1.9 gallons. Large dispenser holds 3 gallons.

Macy's del sol dispenser

This Del Sol drink dispenser ($29.99) from Macy's comes with a sturdy stand. The nice thing about this design? You can refrigerate your drinks in the dispenser and then bring the dispenser outside to the stand when ready to serve. Holds 1 1/2 gallons.

plum party drink dispensers

This is quite a splurge, but I just had to share these floral, hand-painted, stainless steel drink decanters ($180) from Plum Party. They would definitely add a festive touch to your next garden party. Love the easy carrying handle, too. Holds approximately 6.5 gallons.

target beverage dispenserIf you're worried about glass breaking, try this polycarbonate beverage dispenser ($33.99) from Target. This dispenser holds 3 gallons and has storage space for ice as well to keep your drinks cooler longer.


ikea slom bottleAnother simple option? Just fill one or two of these lovely IKEA stoppered bottles ($2.99) with flavored water and place on each outdoor table. Best part? They are dishwasher safe.

Want to fill your dispenser with something other than ice water? Try ginger lemonade, sangria, homemade Italian soda, or a batch of old-fashioned fruit punch.

Do you have a drink dispenser at home?


Images Top to Bottom via Country Living, Pottery Barn, Macy's, Plum Party, Target, and IKEA

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