Clinton Wedding Potties Are Outhouses Next to These 5 Royal Flushes

port-a-pottyChelsea Clinton's wedding will undoubtedly be the talked about event of the season. The current price tag is at a whopping $5 million (can you imagine?!) with $15,000 for just the toilets.

Oh no, Chelsea is not scrimping on where you're squatting.

Because it's an outdoor wedding, the Clintons are renting port-a-johns for their guests, and these aren't exactly the smelly blue Port-A-Potties you only go in if you're desperate. These are luxury portable bathrooms, which are said to be nicer than most people's home bathrooms. Check out the photos on TMZ.

But if you think those are fancy, just wait till you see what I've found after a little bit of potty research. I've found portable restrooms that make Chelsea's look like Grandpa Joe's outhouse.


luxury restroomIn case you have a winter wedding (outside?), guests can stay warm when they go pee thanks to the fireplace that's built into this portable restroom from Rich Specialty Trailers. They've also recently just added a "secret TV' option.

luxury restroom

Royal Restrooms provide guests with lots of decorated space. I can appreciate a nice rug in my Port-A-Potty. Silk flowers, hardwood floors, and a stereo system just add to the ambiance, and let's not forget the "Famous Royal Restrooms Mints." Oh boy.

luxury restroomI know when I'm in a public restroom, I try my best to touch as few surfaces as possible (call me OCD if you will, I know the percentage of people that don't wash their hands), so I appreciate Pretty Pottys having hands-free flushing, faucets, and soap and towel dispensers. They also allow you to choose what kind of music you listen to while you're doing your business.

luxury restroom

If you're wanting something exotic, you should go with Igloo's "Dark Cobra" restroom. Never thought a Port-A-Potty could be so sexy.

luxury restroom

Diamond Environmental Services tried to decorate their executive restroom trailer, though I'm not sure who their decorator was -- the teal with the gray-blue marble just isn't working for me. But gotta give them props for trying.

Have you ever been in a "fancy" portable restroom? Which of these is your favorite?


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