Inspiring Pendant Light DIY

Did you see the terrific Show & Tell Home Tour of Ashley Campbell? Me too. So many great ideas!

I was especially curious about the wire light fixture I saw in the kitchen and started poking around for more info or a source link. Turns out, Ashley made the light fixture herself (of course she did!) and graciously agreed to share the DIY with us here.

Clearly the Universe loves us.


Ashley admired the wire light fixtures she saw at Anthropologie, but they were pretty pricey. One day, she found herself staring at a black wire basket that was holding toys in her daughter's room. Inspiration struck and she decided to turn it into a pendant lamp.

- wire basket
- spray paint
- metal outlet cover
- pendant light


Step 1: Cut off basket handles and bottom middle wire (to center pendant).

Step 2: Spray paint basket and outlet cover. My basket had a bit of red on it.

Step 3: Adhere outlet cover to bottom inside of basket. Ashley used Liquid Nails, but any strong glue would work. Since the outlet cover is on the inside of the basket, the glue will not be used for strength -- just keeping the cover and basket in place.

Step 4: Turn basket over for glue to dry.

Step 5: Add weight on top of outlet cover while glue dries.

Step 6: Spray paint it all.

Step 7: Connect it to the pendant light (which is already hanging -- just follow the instructions that come with the light).

Done and done. Isn't that neat? For more cool ideas and totally do-able projects, don't miss out on Ashley's excellent blog.


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