The Chelsea Clinton Wedding Flowers: A $250,000 Floral Budget and a Top Floral Designer


Jeff Leatham
Chelsea Clinton's wedding to Marc Mezvinsky at Astor Courts (the rumored locale anyway) is just a few days away. With a $250,000 budget for flowers and award-winning floral designer, Jeff Leatham, in charge, one thing is for sure. She's going to have some pretty dreamy wedding flowers.

A few things we know about Chelsea Clinton's flowers:

Flowers at Eva Longoria's Wedding
Flowers at Eva Longoria's Wedding
Jeff Leatham, the rumored floral designer, is the star of the recent TLC show, Flowers Uncut, and has worked with many big name celebrities from Madonna to Tina Turner to Oprah Winfrey. In addition, he did the flowers for Eva Longoria and Tony Parker's beautiful wedding.

Leatham has some definite style preferences. Long stems, barely tucked in flowers or flowers that simply lay across the top of a tall clear vase, and bouquets simply placed on tabletops in an artistic fashion are some of his trademark design elements. Will we see the same for Chelsea's wedding?

In an interview with The Knot, Leatham stressed the importance of having plenty of flowers at the entrance way and even in the bathrooms. He mentioned that the boutonnieres he often selects for the groom are flowers that have a strong scent -- Gardenias or Lily of the Valley for Marc and his groomsmen, perhaps?

Jeff Leatham floral

Leatham usually tends to work with flowers of the same color or hue, and Chelsea seems like the type who may opt for a classic white look similar to the flowers Leatham designed for Eva Longoria. But who knows? Maybe Chelsea prefers summery, seasonal flowers instead. After all, I heard that Farmers' Market calendars will be among the wedding favors.

Astor Courts is 90 miles away from Manhattan, so floral arrangements will have to travel a distance. Delicate flowers might not be the best choice, especially during the summer heat.

Winston Flowers of Boston
Winston Flowers of Boston
While most sources name Leatham as the floral designer, I've also read that Boston's Winston Flowers might be involved with the floral arrangements as well. I like the orchids and candlelight combo, I must say.

What kind of flowers do you think Chelsea Clinton will have at her wedding?


Images (top to bottom) via TLC, Jeff Leatham, TLC, Winston Flowers

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eliza... elizabeth4242

I thought democrats were for the people and budget. But as long as they are taking the lavish path for themselfs .... Gee that is so nice to see. Especially while others aren't even Employed. Glad to see that money is tight. I sure after the wedding there will be more of a strapped budgett......  Is the wedding coming out of tax dollars.....I think we pay her mothers salarery.   But she can spend her money anyway she wants.   

jeann... jeannesager

elizabeth4242, this is NOT a political issue no matter how much you want to make it one. There are no tax dollars being spent -- even if we pay her mother's salary, once it gets into her bank account it is HER money.

Criticize it being over the top, but please don't try to skew the issue here.

LadyKiki LadyKiki

Wow, nice chunk of money there. It adds up fast for flowers I know though. I worked at a grocery store and we would sometimes do small weddings. You could easily hit a couple thousand in a blink of a eye. I don't know much about her wedding, but I am sure what ever flowers she picks, they are going to be lovely.

RanaA... RanaAurora

Wow!  I can't say I'm a fan of his style but it's certainly eye-catching.

jen2713 jen2713

I like Elizabeth4242's comment:)))big smile mini

Jonathan Dyrness


Does not sound that that articulate, she must be a Sarah Palin fan. Nor does she seem educated if she thinks the Clinton's would use tax money for Chelsea’s' wedding? C'mon now. If you're going to make lame assumptions, at least use proper grammar and spell check.

tazdvl tazdvl

I can't wait to see pictures of her wedding.

nonmember avatar Irene

Just imagine if this wedding was scaled back ten percent and the $$ given to Feeding America. I doubt the bride or the guests would be disappointed, and a million hungry Americans would have a nutritious meal to celebrate Chelsea's big day.

Dusica Radulovic

elisabeth4242, yes, this is NOT a political issue, but it is the ETHICAL one! Only a few months ago, Former President Bill Clinton, a special envoy of the UN to Haiti declared: What WE (?!)need now os cash to buy water, food, shelter and first - aid supplies...Clinton said those wanting to make donations can send them directly to So, he better decides what is he doing in his life, probably making commercial for Rolex would be more in line....

nonmember avatar SKL

Well, it's their money. Better spend it now before Obama takes it.

I would never spend anywhere near that kind of money for show. I normally wouldn't care if someone else chose to, but I have to agree it's really hypocritical. I recall many times hearing her dad on TV, all whiney, saying "I feel your pain" and all this crap about how we need a down-to-earth president like him to make sure the little guy doesn't get forgotten. Flowers, of all things - they die before you can even donate the leftovers.

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