Yellow & Gray Color Trend: 5 Pretty Sample Rooms

yellow and gray bedroomIn decor and style blogs and magazines lately, I've noticed more and more rooms popping up in a very cool combination of yellow and gray colors. I love the muted neutral of the gray and the bright pop of the yellow, and it comes across as both very grown-up and sophisticated while still being quite cool and modern.

Here are some sample rooms throughout the house, each using this new trendy color combination -- in case you've been toying with the idea of incorporating it into your own home. (Like I have!)


Dwell Studio continues to produce some of my favorite room designs, color patterns, and home products. Like this charcoal gray and yellow bedroom (shown left) that I love. I especially like the use of browns and whites that complement instead of clash.

Everything Martha Stewart touches turns to gold, especially when she uses gold in a room design against a very pale gray wall color. This bright, cheery living room is full of light and space. My favorite part is that most of the details and accents are yellow, so this room can be updated in a year or so with all new accents without replacing the expensive pieces of the room -- the couch, the rug, the chairs.

martha stewart living room

You can even incorporate the yellow and gray color palette into a kitchen without overwhelming a room. All of the color shades in this kitchen seen on Decor Pad are muted and soft, so the main focus is the kitchen itself while little things catch your eye, like the gray backsplash (which goes lovely with the stainless steel) and the yellow barstool cushions.

yellow and gray kitchen

Bedrooms should be sanctuaries (although mine is a laundry-dumping ground). But you don't want the colors to overpower the room so that the idea of relaxing and de-stressing is impossible. I think the yellow and gray color combo is a perfect way to achieve boldness and softness all at the same time, and this bedroom from Little Green Notebook is the perfect example of what I mean. There's actually more white than anything in this room, but there's enough color to make a difference.

yellow and gray bedroom

And, yes, you can even see this yellow and gray trend in a bathroom. Everything is fun about this bathroom from HGTV, especially the mirrored starburst wall art behind the shower curtain on the wall above the bathtub itself! I would never think to do that, but I'm glad to now have the inspiration.

gray and yellow bathroom

Are you into this yellow and gray color trend?


Images from top to bottom via Dwell Studio, Dwell Studio, Martha Stewart, Decor Pad, Little Green Notebook, HGTV

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