Cleaning Safety: Are You Creating a Germ Factory?

room cleaning squaresYour mom always told you to wash those dirty hands in the bathroom sink so you didn't spread your germs to the food.

So why are you using your kitchen cleaning supplies in the bathroom?

You could be creating a germ factory.

Here are the cases where segregation isn't just OK, it's better for your whole family:


1. Gloves. They protect your skin from caustic chemicals, but they also pick up germs as you move from room to room. What's more: Gloves shouldn't be used with different cleaners because the interaction could create a dangerous situation.

2. Cleaning rags. Similar to the gloves, these create both a cross-contamination issue and the danger of mixing chemicals. Try these cute room-specific squares if you're afraid you'll forget.

3. Mop Water. If you're moving from room to room with the mop, dump the water before you make the change. Even the disinfectants in the water start to lose their power after awhile.


Image via EcoStudio

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