Ogle This Renovated Kitchen (Even if You Can't Afford It)

kitchen before makeover

Kitchen (Before Renovation)

I browse design magazines and blogs the same way I do fine art in a museum. I know I can't afford the real thing, but that doesn't mean I can't enjoy ogling the finer things in life -- and maybe just maybe I can learn something, like a creative way to hang my cheap art at home. And on that note, on to yet another kitchen remodel fantasy ...

Aside from the cheap cabinets, the fridge sticking out too much, and a lot of junk and clutter on the counters, this New York kitchen doesn't look too bad.

Well, keep reading cause you won't believe your eyes.


Found this lovely kitchen renovation over on The Kitchn, and it blew my mind. I mean, a good designer (and a hefty amount of dough, I assume) can make serious miracles happen. Check out a few of the "After" photos of the above kitchen. Holy YES of all YESSES!

kitchen remodel renovationkitchen after makeover

I am in love with that ceramic backsplash tile and quartz countertop, both from Walker Zanger, and how the counter extends into a small eating area. Such a smart use of space and those materials look lovely against the wood cabinets.

See? Just from ogling, I learned a few things about space design and textural and color combinations that work well together.

What did you learn from looking at this fabulous kitchen?

Check out The Kitchn to see more photos and resources.


Images via The Kitchn

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