LeBron James Gets His Own Furniture Line But Who Will Buy It?

lebron jamesLeBron James will get his own furniture line come fall, so what could doom it to failure?

Surprisingly not that the guy whose name is going on these beds and dressers and is better known for bouncing a ball on hardwood than building with it.

It's where it's going up for sale.


CNBC reported this week that American Signature Furniture has announced it's going forward with its partnership with LeBron to make furniture for children's rooms. 

What they'll look like is still up in the air -- although those freakishly long beds like those you'll find in a college dorm (and for which you have to buy special sheets -- ka-ching) would seem to fit the bill for the 6-foot 8-inch King James.

Their current "bedroom package" offering for kids is ho hum: the same mission-style bed and dresser in two different woods:

arts and crafts

All those design accents make the room, but they're not actually for sale from American Signature. In fact the store has no youth-specific decor -- just the basic pieces for kids' rooms.

Which means the LeBron line could stick out like a sore thumb in stores; especially if parents aren't queuing up to bring home the Cavs' biggest disappointment to take up residence in their kids' rooms.

Because where does American Signature sell its products? Largely in the Ohio area and other Midwestern states.


American Signature and its Value City Furniture stores are owned by the Schottenstein family -- also owners of American Eagle Outfitters and DSW -- who are based in Columbus, Ohio.

A store locator search turns up just two furniture stores in the Miami area.

A little advice to American Signature: Maybe it's time to turn your website into an e-tailer. You're going to be doing some long-range shipping.

Would you buy the LeBron line for your kids?


Images via david_shankbone/Flickr; American Signature

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