The 9 Toughest Bathroom Cleaning Problems Solved

toiletIf you're looking for a marital hot spot, step out of the bedroom and head to the bathroom.

Fifty percent of women say they don't like the way their partner cleans -- or doesn't clean -- the bathroom, and four times as many women as men say they're doing the job better than their partner.

Are you really?

Filled with moisture, weird nooks and crannies (think behind the toilet), and a certain receptacle for human waste, this is one room that can make a master cleaner scream in frustration.

Stop screaming and use these fixes for the hardest spaces to clean:


1. Mirror. People just love to write messages in the steam, and that leaves giant streaks. Use vinegar and a crumpled up newspaper to get a streak-free clean that's green too.

2. Shower Curtain. Don't throw it away! Throw it in the washing machine on gentle with a cup of vinegar to remove all that soap scum.

3. Grout. Forget the old toothbrush trick -- it takes FOREVER. Get a grout cleaner bar so you can clean the line of grout PLUS the edges (I love the new one from Scotch Brite that was sent to The Stir because it's got a nice ergonomic shape, but check your local store for other options).

4. Shower Doors. Remove that buildup with lemon oil -- it will not only clean the scum but keep it clean longer.

5. Behind the Toilet. Buy a separate toilet brush (you don't want something you stuck IN the toilet used outside of it), and spray it with your favorite cleaner. The bristles will help clean behind the tank without you having to get back there.

6. Toilet Tank. These should be cleaned once or twice a year because the minerals in your tap water will build up inside, but first you need to empty it: Turn off the water, flush the toilet once, and allow to drain. Now get scrubbing with your favorite cleaner (vinegar works here too!).

7. Soap Dish. The soap that builds up on here needs to be allowed to dry or you'll never get it off. Scratch it off with an old toothbrush.

8. Around the Faucet. Another good time to pull out the old toothbrush, pour baking soda on them and get your toothbrush wet. Lemon juice or vinegar will help with lime scale buildup around the handles.

9. Under the Toilet Rim. Soak a disposable sponge or washable rag in vinegar and wipe around the rim. Then pull out a penknife and attack the water holes -- your toilet will run better and stay clean longer.

What are your most frustrating bathroom cleaning jobs?

Image via Roger Saunders/Flickr

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