'The Bachelorette' Luxury Suites: Whose Was Better?

tahiti on the bacheloretteMany of you were watching The Bachelorette on Tuesday night as Ali and the three remaining guys took a trip to Tahiti. By the end of it, you were probably either hating on Frank or wondering if Ali had sex with both Roberto and Chris.

But the one thing that caught my eye was the luxury suites, and, in my opinion, Roberto got screwed, and I don't mean by Ali. Let's compare, shall we?


Roberto's luxury suite:

luxury suite from the bachelorette

Not only did he have to wade through water to get there (hence the wet pants), but this looks more like a cozy cabin in the mountains rather than a suite in Tahiti.

Now, let's look at Chris's:

luxury suite from the bachelorette

HUGE! I think the entryway is about the same size as Roberto's entire suite. Canopy bed? Yes, please. And that's not all ...

Ta dah! A romantic hot tub for two.

hot tub on the bachelorette

If anyone got any action that night, I bet I can guess who that person was.

Which luxury suite do you like better? Roberto's rustic space or Chris's opulent room?


Images via ABC.com

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