5 Colorful Floor Rugs Inspired by Floral Carpets in Nature

Tulips Netherlands

Tulip fields in Holland by Bill Schodowski

Have you ever come across a field of flowers that runs for miles or -- even better -- flown over one and gotten an aerial view? Call them floral carpets or floral tapestries, they will make you gasp.

So often good design is inspired by nature, but today these lovely floral landscapes have inspired me to find some good design -- specifically in colorful floor rugs. Take a look.


The patterns and colors of the Tulip Field above reminded me so much of lines and shapes in this rug at CB2.

FLOR rug tiles

FLOR Take a Left Tiles -- set of six ($159) at CB2

daffodil fields
These Daffodil Fields make me want a fresh burst of yellow in my home, like this bright sunny rug from Urban Outfitters.

yellow chenille rug
2x3 Chenille Rug ($9) at UO

daffodil field

I can't tell you if this Daffodil Field is for real because it's so amazing, but it evokes this other pretty green and white floral pattern in my mind.

oqo Floral Rug ($78-$1,098) at Anthropologie

lavender fields

Oh, how I would love to happen upon these Lavender Fields in full bloom. The rows are kind of like a farmer's way of making stripes.

purple striped rugsReflections Wide Stripe Rug ($326.99) at CSNRugs.com

poppy fields

These Poppy Fields make me want to run for miles in the color red. Wish I could afford the expanse of this orange-red beauty.

steepholm orange red rugSteepholm Rug ($5,400) at Design Within Reach

Which rug do you like most? Which field of flowers makes you gasp?

Images via Bill Schodowski (Beautiful Blooms), CB2, Dexla Media (Flickr), UO, snautsego (Flickr), Anthropologie, Martin Pettitt (Flickr), CSNRugs.com, ahisgett (Flickr), and Design Within Reach

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