6 'Mad Men'-Inspired Home Design Looks

Mad Men Living room

For Mad Men fans, the hit TV series is not just a show. It's a form of lifestyle. From the fashion to home decor, each episode is packed full of inspiration to use in your own life.


tufted headboard
The Drapers' boudoir consists of a luxurious tufted velvet headboard. I love the use of an unexpected color to pop against the white sheets. Urban Outfitters ($348) has several colorful versions to choose from, including aubergine, pewter, and bella lichen.

japanese screen

Asian room dividers bring in a beautiful Oriental flair (and those boys don't even realize it). If you have space, I love putting them in the bedroom as a "changing area." The idea makes me feel sexy as I pull off my hosiery after a long day. If you're short on room, you can take the pieces apart and hang them on the wall, giving you the look without sacrificing the space. Target has tons of room divider options, ranging from $100 to $2,700.

plaid wallpaper

The Drapers' home is Colonial Revival-style and nothing screams that more than this plaid wallpaper. Though I may not deck out my entire kitchen in it, plaid, like this wallpaper pattern from Interior Place ($20), does seem to be popping up in little doses.


I love this photo because the decorative plate on the wall reminds me of my grandmother. She had a whole wall filled with decorative plates from various places in her kitchen. It's a unique way to show off antiques, travels, or just a fun, kitschy design.

modular shelving unit

How great is this modular shelving unit? With the black-and-white background and light-colored wood, the wine bottles displayed also act as decor items. If I had this in my apartment, I might have to fill it with other items as well. Booze doesn't seem to last too long in my casa. The downside to modular shelving units is the price -- $700 for this one from Design Public -- but it does make quite the statement.

fainting sofa

Much to the horror of Betty Draper's interior decorator, she adds in a fainting sofa to her newly designed living room. Yes, it's gaudy and blocks a beautiful fireplace, but it's just so darn dramatic that I can't help but appreciate it -- it's just so Betty Draper. You can get your own sofa to fall upon, hand at your forehead, at Urban Outfitters for $578. 

Do you have any home decor that's inspired by Mad Men? What's your favorite look?


Images via AMCTV.com

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