5 of the Dreamiest Movie Set Homes

Cullen house

The Cullen home from Twilight

I definitely wish I lived on a movie set sometimes. Characters in movies always seem to be able to afford super-cute houses and apartments on sometimes meager salaries. Probably because just writing it down in a script makes it so!

But, still, imagining you live in a movie can sure be fun to pretend. If I could pick out five of the dreamiest movie set houses and apartments, they would be ...




1) The adorable New York City apartment from P.S. I Love You.

P.S. I Love You apartment

I love the rug in the bedroom (and the brick wall in the same room you can't see in this picture) and the sheer drapes, too.

P.S. I Love You apartment

Combine that bedroom with this awesome kitchen -- the floor and the artwork and the nice card rack on the fridge -- and I'm smitten over this apartment.

2) Summer's (Zooey Deschanel) Los Angeles apartment in 500 Days of Summer was as quirky and original and lovely as her character. I wanted to go home and put Christmas lights on my bed. (I didn't, but I wanted to!)

500 Days of Summer apartment

3) Another NYC apartment I just loved is from one of my all-time favorite movies, You've Got Mail. Did anyone else watch this movie and want to instantly move to New York and open a book store? Sure, that would have been tough for almost all of us, but all the books and fresh flowers in Meg Ryan's (whose real life home is pretty sweet, too) apartment were just such sweet touches.

You've Got Mail apartment

4) The Southern California home from It's Complicated. The kitchen in this house is proof enough! But, let's not forget the bedroom, the garden, the swing out front. It was such a stunning home.

It's Complicated house

5) The Cullen house in the Twilight series is about as breathtaking as a home gets! Surrounded by forest and all those windows is a winning combo.

Cullen house

Into which movie set home do you want to move?

Images via Polaroid Cupcake; Fourth Floor Walk Up; Hooked on Houses; Starring Homes; Architecture & Home Design

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