Wall Stickers: 5 Ways to Keep This Design Trend From Taking Over

vinyl wall artCall them vinyl wall clings, wall stickers, or -- for a throwback -- colorforms, this is one design trend that's gotten its hooks into America.

Inexpensive and easy to remove, it's perfect for apartment dwellers and the non-committal decorator alike.

But for something easy to remove, it can be awfully intimidating. The Stir asked interior design expert Vivian Hung of chic upstate NY design shop Global Home how to take this trend out of the baby's room without turning on the tacky.


"Colorforms for the wall can be done well without looking juvenile," Hung assures us.

Here are her five can't-fail tips:

1. Less is more. Be it a graphic or representational, you don't have to use every piece in the kit. It will make an impact.

2. Don't make it too symmetrical. I have seen applications where everything was evenly spaced so it looked like wallpaper. If you want that look, use wallpaper. These appliques are removable and changeable, so have some fun with them.

3. You can make bold statements but keep it as an accent, not the main decor visual.

4. Be whimsical. Some designs I have seen can be used in unexpected places, like peeking out behind some books in a bookshelf, adding design interest along a stairway.

5. Experiment. These things aren't meant to be permanent. Put something up and live with it for a week. If you hate it, reconfigure, experiment, redesign.

Do you use wall clings in your house?


Image via Wow Wall

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