The Most Colorful Front Doors: Welcome Home!

yellow front doorI love a brightly colored front door. It makes you feel extra welcome. A bright red or yellow or orange door says something fun about the homeowners, too, don't you think?

I've rounded up some of my favorite front door colors and styles and wanted to share them with you for inspiration and just to ooh and ahh together.

(Also, if you want to paint your own front door, here's a nicely detailed article from eHow on How to Paint an Exterior Door.)


The bright yellow, glass-paned door to the left is from Apartment Therapy, which is a great site to celebrate the unique and different homes out there.





Next up is this cobalt blue front door, which is really stunning against the home's bricked archway. I was always set on a red door myself, but this picture may have changed my mind.

blue front door

My personal blog isn't called She Likes Purple because my favorite color is green, so this door might have made me squeal a little bit. A purple door! How fun! (Although something tells me my husband wouldn't agree.)

purple front door

Speaking of the red front door of my dreams, how about this incredible one seen on The Creamy Life. It's like right out of a storybook.

red front door

My sister actually sent me this orange front door, also seen on Apartment Therapy, because it was inspiring her something fierce. I thought to myself that it would take a ballsy person to paint their front door orange and then I laughed because, um, MY front door is orange. (See the second orange-door picture, that's my house, and you can kinda see the orange front door.)

orange front door

orange front door

If selling my husband on a purple door would be tough, just imagine how tough a sell a pink door would be! That doesn't stop me from plain loving this pink Irish door I found just perusing the internet. (I love when you find something fantastic online without meaning to.)

pink front door

Now, onto a green door! Here's a unique take on a traditional-style door from the blog Tar Paper Crane.

green front door

All these front door colors are just so much fun! I love them all and am newly inspired to paint our door something new and fresh and funky. For some reason, that blue door is really speaking to me!

What about you, what color is YOUR front door?


Images from top to bottom via Apartment Therapy, Flickr/Geishaboy500, Design*Sponge,, Apartment Therapy, Jennie Canzoneri,, Tar Paper Crane

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