5 Places You Forgot to Clean

under the bedWhen is the last time you cleaned the cleaning supplies cabinet under your sink?

That's what we thought.

Shelterpop shared 10 spots this week that are covered with hidden filth -- among them some of the worst of your fridge -- but after you attack those, there's still room for improvement in even more unexpected places.

Take a gander:


1. Between the Stove and the Counter: No matter how tight the fight, food will fall alongside the edge of your oven and glide down onto the floor. Pull out your oven -- don't forget to plug your nose first -- and give it a good scrub.

2. Under the Bed: Making use of that extra space for storage has become increasingly popular -- and made it hard to run a broom under there. Pull everything out and kill the dust bunnies before they create a dust army.

3. Under the Sink: All those cleaning supplies make for a disgusting mess when you don't pull them out once in awhile. The spray bottles drip, the squeeze bottles leak, and combining those scents can cause serious health problems.

4. Inside the Medicine Cabinet: Leaking toothpaste, eye shadow powder and the drips from the hairspray bottle are all over your cabinet. And you put your medicine in there?

5. Behind the Dryer: The best way to have a dryer fire? Not cleaning the vent in the back on a regular basis.


Image via Wolfrage/Flickr

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