NJ 'Housewife' Teresa Guidice Losing Home?

teresa giudiceEven with the rumors circulating that reality star Teresa Guidice from Real Housewives of New Jersey is losing her 1.7 million dollar mansion, she scoffs at the thought of living in a ... wait for it ... apartment. Oh, how tragic that would be.


In a clip for next week's episode, her entrepreneur husband jokes as they head to one of his business projects, which happens to be an apartment complex, “I’m going to show you our suite, too, that we have, when we get kicked out of our house.”

“Joe is totally kidding that I’m going to be living in one of those apartments. That’s never going to happen. I could never see myself living there,” Teresa says at the end of the clip.

The couple filed for bankruptcy back in June but she refuses to admit that they're losing their home. “Danielle [Staub] telling everyone my house is under foreclosure and it’s not,” Teresa explains. “I own a lot of properties in my name -- some good investments and some bad investments. The economy is bad.”

I might have felt a slight twinge of sympathy for her if she hadn't belittled apartment living. Actually, nah. I wouldn't have. Not when she got herself into this financial predicament with outlandish spending.

Do you feel bad for her? Can you picture Teresa living in apartment?


Image via Splash News

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