DIY Canvas Wall Art: A Grownup Art Project

canvas wall artMy delightful friend Sarah with the blog Home Sweet Sarah made her very own wall art, and she makes it sound so easy. I actually think I can whip up an art piece like this myself. (Which would make me a DIY-er and an artist, all in one!)

Today Sarah shows us how to make your own DIY artwork and shared some pictures too.


Steps for Making Your Own Artwork on Canvas:

1. You just need a blank canvas (canvases are expensive -- who knew? -- but I waited and got mine for 30% off or so at Aaron Brothers) and three or four jars of paint. You can get sample paint cans at Lowe's or Home Depot for less than $3 a piece. I used three colors that all came from the same swatch, so I knew they'd "go" together, but my fourth color just happened to be a random one I had laying around.

2. Prop your canvas up on a box or milk crate (crate is better, as it has holes so the paint doesn't pool up) with a garbage bag or two underneath so as not to make any messes in your garage.

canvas wall art

3. Take your first color and just sort of roll it along the edge of the canvas, letting the paint drip down. You don't have to let it dry before doing the other colors, although I would recommend using all of the first color, less of the second, even less of the third, and so on.

I found that by using all of the first and second colors, my first color ended up almost completely covered by the second. I learned by the third and fourth colors, but there's only a little bit of the original red color peeking out. If you're painting this for a light-colored wall, you can paint the canvas first, which I wish I would have done, so it wouldn't be so stark white.)

canvas wall art

And (drum roll!) here's the finished product:

canvas wall art

Thanks to Sarah for sharing her masterpiece with us.

What DIY wall art have you created?


All images via Sarah/Home Sweet Sarah

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